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Anthem College Medical Front Office & Billing Program

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Every health institution requires the services of employees who manage the system to work front of the house in any health institution.

Medical Front Office & Billing is essential to ensure the health management system in all health institutions, hospitals, physician office, clinics organized and running smoothly. In terms of helping patients get the appointment set and operate various aspects of the billing process and so on.

It’s important to ensure the administration of hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics run proper and most importantly, patient care data record information is correct in systems keeping.

Challenging profession that requires assignments and knowledge of clinical, information technology, database management and administration and also deals with the business side of medicine, combining both health and information technology disciplines.

Medical Front Office & Billing Program

Anthem College provides an opportunity a strong professional foundation program that allows students to build a career as a member of the health care team.

The objectives of this program provides a broad and integrated teaching includes thorough understanding of all about Medical Front Office & Billing program.

Students are trained in all of the management and collection of health data that will be used as a reference by the hospital, patients, clinicians for research purposes, law, database, and administration.

The program objectives including:

  • Basic medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, human diseases and pathology
  • Analysis / abstraction of needed medical data from medical records
  • Basic medical coding and billing skills including hands-on experience with medical application programs
  • Procedural and Diagnostic Coding
  • Medical Front Office Procedures
  • Insurance and Claim Processing
  • Medical documentation
  • Assigning and sequencing diagnostic and procedural codes using universally recognized coding systems
  • File patients’ medical records
  • Analyze patients’ medical records
  • Professionally code from ICD/9/CM, CPT and HCPS Coding Manuals
  • Understand disease processes
  • Order and code all laboratory requests
  • Prepare patient bills

Program names may be slightly different at different locations, you can visit Anthem Education to find out the objectives of the program are available.

Advantages graduates are equipped with skills and expertise in the management of health institutions either large or small.

Medical Front Office & Billing Program are focused and centered on empowering you with the skills you need to enter the expanding and rewarding Health Care Industry.

Learn only what you need to gain employment in your particular field, so you can get graduates and enter the job as professional.

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